How to Handle a Narcissist: Understanding and Dealing with a Range of Narcissistic Personalities (Narcissism Books)

"How to Handle a Narcissist" is an expertly informed guide to help you understand, handle and heal from dealing with narcissistic people in your life, without putting you in the disabling position of being "the victim." Instead, this eye-opening book gives you, the reader, clarity and awareness so that you can handle any situation involving narcissists in a healthy way. It avoids rhetoric that encourages you to view yourself as powerless and steers clear of victim psychology. Instead, this book uniquely deals in empowerment. You will move forward into a better position, equipped with expert knowledge and the feeling of fair, informed clarity. Research shows that the vast majority of people display healthy narcissistic tendencies, with the purpose of maintaining and promoting healthy self-esteem. However, abusive, manipulative and haughty characteristics form part of a pattern of extreme narcissism that should not be accepted. You will learn to identify and dissect all kinds of narcissistic reactions, coping mechanisms and narcissistic supply- both healthy and extreme- so that you can determine exactly what kind of narcissistic traits you're dealing with. You will determine where the individual sits on the narcissistic scale (there are two quizzes and inventories included to determine the scores of modesty, healthy narcissism and extreme narcissism) and create a simple plan of action for moving forward into the future, for the betterment of yourself and those around you. Narcissists can definitely make our lives decidedly hellish, but by understanding them and following a simple plan we can take back control of our boundaries and our lives and feel confident that we're "doing the right thing" when dealing with these harmful personalities. Whether the narcissistic person in your life is your partner, family member, friend or co-worker, this book will help you take action for the better, and heal. Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn… Learn how to identify and differentiate between healthy and extreme narcissism, and determine how the narcissist in your life ranks for bothDiscover how narcissism can be considered a dependence on narcissistic supply, mirroring a dependence on alcohol or other drugs Learn how to deal with narcissists at different points on the narcissistic spectrum, rather than only those who have a personality disorderFind out what the narcissist wants from youDiscover practical research-based methods to making life easier with the narcissistRead about other people's experiences with narcissists, and what they subsequently learnt Check Out What Others Are Saying… "This book was really easy to read and avoided the blame, shame and label rhetoric that you see when you read about narcissists. I found it really useful to see the narcissist in my life as more of a person and why they were being so difficult. Then I could handle them from a much calmer place. Really helpful" - Sandra Goldberg, New Jersey, United States. "I bought this book to help me decide what to do about my narcissistic mother. I'm going to give the techniques a try and see if we can have something of a relationship, really hoping they work" - Marsha Winston, Canterbury, United Kingdom. Learn more now.

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Book Title: How to Handle a Narcissist: Understanding and Dealing with a Range of Narcissistic Personalities (Narcissism Books)

Book Author: Theresa Jackson

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ISBN: 152133997X