Move To Portugal...Why Not? : A Complete Guide For Wannabe Expats

Bom Dia!It is difficult to find anyone who dislikes Portugal after visiting. What’s not to like? Portugal is home to top-notch hiking, surfing, sailing, golf, food, weather…the list goes on. The rich culture and overly friendly people are noticeable throughout Portugal. The relaxed lifestyle and physical safety are also big draws for many expats, and the low cost of living is the icing on the cake. Portugal is a popular relocation destination for people of all ages, although it has become particularly popular with retirees from all over the world. It is particularly popular as a retirement destination for those from non-EU countries such as the US, Canada and now the UK The Golden Visa program was launched in 2012 as a way to attract wealthy foreigners to Portugal by making it easy to obtain citizenship by investment. Of all the countries in the EU, Portugal is one of the simplest and easiest for foreigners to eventually obtain citizenship. The expat community in Portugal is thriving and it is easy to see why. It is a wonderful country filled with wonderful people, and provides easy access to Europe.So what are you waiting for? Buy the guide and see if Portugal is for you. Obrigado!

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Book Title: Move To Portugal...Why Not? : A Complete Guide For Wannabe Expats

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