Colombia Highlights: A Boutique Travel Guide (English Edition)

Heading to Colombia? Here is my guide to the highlights for those travellers who like to stay in Boutique Hotels and enjoy off the beaten track adventures! The guide starts with a two week Colombia Itinerary. This itinerary covers Bogota, Cano Cristales, Cartagena and Medellin. The book covers how to get to Colombia, How to get Around Colombia and the Best Time to Go to Colombia.Cartagena is a beautiful small town on the Carribean Coast. Explore the beautiful neighborhood of San Diego and the lovely coloured houses - my guide will tell you the best streets for photos! Eat the best popsicles you have ever had - I'll tell you where! Eat Cartagena's famous ceviche at the restaurant for which it is is best known. Go on a fantastic street food and street art tour to feel more like a local.Cartagena also has some fantastic shopping - I found the best boutiques! And of course you must stay in a boutique hotel - I have a great one for you that is located in the heart of the old town. Find out some of the other best places to eat in this gorgeous city.Cano Cristales is known for its Rainbow River. Find out how to get to this rather tricky spot and the best times of year to see the river in full colourful bloom. Plus what it is really like in the town of La Macarena and what to expect when you trek out to see the river through the national park. Bogota is such a vibrant city! Much of its history is recent so find out the best tour option to take to get underneath the city's skin. I found a fantastic boutique hotel that even includes one of the top restaurants in the city! Plus where to get the best selection and deals on Bogota's world-famous Emeralds. Find out the other sites and experiences not to miss - including the museum that isn't allowed to take its works outside of Colombia! Medellin was the highlight of my trip to Colombia. The city of eternal spring has escaped the notoriety of Pablo Escobar (and is now making tourism dollars from him with a booming tour business - find out all the options) and is re-emerging thanks to a fantastic regeneration program centred around art. Find out where to stay and where to eat in El Poblado, the key neighborhood for first timers. Find out when to go - and all about the most important - and photogenic - week in Medellin in August. The food scene is vibrant and ever changing in Medellin and it has a strong cafe culture. Find out all the best restaurants and coffee spots in my book. Street food is a critical part of Medellin so find out the best ways to explore it - and where to go for some unique food experiences. Street art is everywhere in Medellin. Find out where to go to see the best examples in my book. No trip to Medellin would be complete without a day trip to lovely Guatape. Find out how to get there, where to go, what to see and where to eat! Finally, Medellin has many interesting things to see and do - find out which ones are best in my complete guide.

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Book Title: Colombia Highlights: A Boutique Travel Guide (English Edition)

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