Fun Facts Word Search Book: For Kids Aged 7-11

Created for boys and girls by education expert, The Future Teacher, this fantastically-fun word search puzzle book will keep any 7-11 year old kid busy, happy and entertained for hours as they search for fun facts-based words and develop their general knowledge whilst secretly gaining a wide variety of other educational benefits, all whilst they are having tons of fun!Hours of enjoyable activities with 30 puzzles containing fun facts about the worldDesigned by the Future Teacher to compliment and enhance learning, in subjects taught in schools for primary school age childrenKids will develop: spelling skills, general knowledge, learning ability, word recognition, problem solving, systematic thinking and expand their vocabularyAll pages, topics and words designed by an education expert to be accessible to the wide age range of Key Stage 2, which is 7-11 years oldDesigned for fun, entertainment and educational purposes – NOT as a rigorous, challenging and intense learning activity for high ability 11 year olds – all children are different and this book is designed to be accessible to a wide variety of children and abilitiesOriginal and unique book with a wide variety of enjoyable words to search that cover general knowledge topics and link to the new National Curriculum Single-sided designs to minimize colour bleed through If you are looking for a super fun word search book (which also has some amazing secret educational benefits) then Fun Facts Word Search Book is the perfect book for you.

Book Details

Book Title: Fun Facts Word Search Book: For Kids Aged 7-11

Book Author: The Future Teacher Foundation

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ISBN: 1794279350