THE PHYSICS OF GOLF. : Second edition

This book is an revision and expansion of the best selling AIP Press title, Physics of Golf. It includes a new chapter on putting, a new appendix on the fundamental physics covered in the book, increased coverage of modern club design, and an updated reference section. As in the previous book, most of the mathematics is relegated to a technical appendix. The first edition of this book sold 8500 units USP and was reviewed enthusiastically by the both the sciece press in Physics Today, IEEE Spectrum, and Nature and the golf world in American Golf Pro and Golf Week. Excerpts from reviews: "Jorgensen's book may be about the last word on the golf swing... for anyone who has swung a golf club, the book is fun to read." Physics Today, 6/94, by Bob Adair, author of Physics of Baseball."...(book) gives us new insights and precise views into the forces and torques developed in the downswing...Thank you, Dr. Jorgensen. We will all treasure your book." American Golf Pro, winter 1996 "Jorgensen writes for a wide readership ranging from nongolfing fellow physicists... to nonscientific golfers..." Nature, 1994 "Daly's book is in the bucket; my sporting future is assured due to the Physics of Golf". Contemporary Physics, 1994

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Book Title: THE PHYSICS OF GOLF. : Second edition

Book Author: Theodore-P Jorgensen

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ISBN: 038798691X