Wisdom & Methodology Of A Cook

Do you know that chef who always seem to do everything right? Do you know that chef who always cook so well? What is their secret? For some chefs, cooking is a breeze. They move effortlessly in the kitchen, always onwards and upwards. They are calm and composed, always nailing the right techniques, always doing the right thing at the right timing. They get paid more, receive more promotions, and always seem to achieve more results. Is there something these successful chefs know that the rest of the cooking world don’t? You bet there is. They all possess one particular set of wisdom and methods.The Philosopher Chef's debut masterpiece: 'Wisdom & Methodology Of A Cook' seeks to finally reveal this essential set of wisdom and methods used by so many successful chefs YET have remained largely elusive to the rest of the cooking world. These wisdom and methods (total of 47 chapters put together by The Philosopher Chef) are the guiding principles that improves what every chef and cook does in the kitchen and how they do it. They impart chefs the unmistakable air of ‘culinary confidence’, strongly rooted in philosophy, which stands them in an extremely clear path towards the creation of delicious food, optimal kitchen efficiency, and robust personal development. Simple, inspiring and timeless, the WORLD'S FIRST COOKING PHILOSOPHY BOOK will reveal, in the terms and format of diagnostic philosophy, the secret to becoming the best cook one can ever be in life.

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Book Title: Wisdom & Methodology Of A Cook

Book Author: The Philosopher Chef

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ISBN: 179427877X