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How to Change a Car Tyre

There are quite a few times when most of us are stranded on the road with a flat tyre. Not knowing how to change a tyre can be pretty difficult. It’s something which is pretty simple and can be learned with ease so that you are never left alone and stranded when having to deal with a flat tyre.

Part One:

  • Keep the following steps in mind when it comes to changing a car tyre
  • Always change the car tyres on a flat and stable surface. If you are on an uneven road, it may be difficult to change the tyre with ease, so make sure you park your car where you might find it easier.
  • If you find yourself stranded on a busy road, it would be wise to move your car out of the way of the traffic.
  • In case it’s too dark on the road remember to turn on your emergency flash lights.
  • Apply the brake on your car and put it in a parking position. If it’s a standard transmission you would need to move the gear into first or reverse.
  • Place a pair of bricks or any other heavy object in the front and back of the back tyres.
  • Now get your hands on the jack and the spare tyre
  • Put the jack under the frame of car and in position with the tyre which you want to change.
  • Most modern car have a mark or a position which indicates where actually the jack needs to be placed.
  • The jack should ten be raised until it is properly supporting the car make sure that it’s merely supporting and not actually lifting the car.
  • It should be directly perpendicular to the ground.

Part Two:

If you find yourself in need for emergency tyre replacement or repair, ensure you remember these mobile tyre fitters and bookmark this page, in case of an emergency.

  • Make sure to remove the hub cap and the nuts properly by using counter clockwise directions. There’s no need to completely take of the nuts, you simply need to remove the resistance. Make sure the tyre is on the ground so that you know that you are simply turning the nuts and not the wheel itself.
  • Make sure you are using the correct wrench which came with your car. The wrench would sli with ease over the nuts and won’t make a rattling sound.
  • Breaking the lug nuts would require a great deal of effort. Be prepared to sue your body weight to do so if necessary.
  • You would need to pump the jack to lift he tyre of the ground so you could replace it easily with the spare one.
  • Make sure you use the counter clockwise movements to ensure the stability of your car during the wheel changing process.
  • Once you remove the tyre, immediately replace it with the spare one. Often enough the rust might cause the tyre to stick and make it difficult to come off, in any case be prepared to apply a little extra force to get the job done.
  • Once the tyre is replaced its time to put back the nuts and ensure that they are all snug and well fitted.
  • Now lower the car but don’t use too much pressure. Jut ensure that all the nuts are properly fitted
  • Last but not the least don’t forget to take your tyre for repairs to the mechanic.

We hope this article was helpful. If instead you would like to hire a car tyre fitting service specialist, ensure you visit the professionals at their site instead.

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Enjoy The Cost Savings Of Installing Solar Power In Your Home


If you’re considering enjoying the advantages of solar power on your home, you should know in order to enjoy those advantages that you just do not have to buy expensive equipment or home solar power. It’s possible for you to construct solar panels that are not as expensive than it might be to choose the panels already created.

Another well-known dwelling solar energy program is thermal. If you use this engineering it uses the heat coming from sunlight to heat areas. Solar collectors are utilized by the solar-water heating system to heat water that’s circulated through tubes. After heated the water is readily available for use and flows into a large tank. The water is used for domestic hot-water or heated by the sun is then used to radiate heat right into a room in using this system.

Variable one: there is little doubt that solar power is strong enough for any dwelling , solar weather you stay in. the panels, you must contemplate To explain, is it shining for many the year? In your geographical area, would you cope using a lot of rain or clouds? Is your yard filled up with a lot of trees?

It is truly possible, and realising the other benefits is amazing. Are you aware that when you get solar panels, they normally come with decades guarantee, which reveals that they are created for the long term.

You should be sure you have the perfect guide in the subject, when setting out in this endeavor. Industry is flooded with guides about how to construct solar energy panels and also you need to be sure to get the best. That is necessary as some guides don’t provide detailed information. When this occurs, it is possible to end up getting a cell that will not operate, or perhaps worse, with harm to your appliances that are electric.

Solar power is coming of age they add safety, comfort and feeling, without possible hazards high-maintenance costs and installation problems. Always seek a reputable provider for your solar needs and it is recommended that you visit 360 Energy for the best provider solar panels and batteries.

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